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Trade-In your Marbel Original.
We’ll give you $800 towards a 2.0!

Have your eye on the Marbel 2.0? There are many good reasons to upgrade from a Marbel Original to the Marbel 2.0 – swappable batteries, free belts, wheel options, a Twin Drive system… and much, much more.

As a Marbel Original owner, you have seen the board develop from its infancy, and we want you to be a part of this newest addition. That’s why, up until May 20th, we will buy back your Marbel Original components, giving you $800 towards a Marbel 2.0.

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ENDS: MAY 20TH, 2017

Brief Overview:
The Marbel Original vs. The Marbel 2.0

  • Weight: 10.5lb
  • Top Speed: 25 MPH top speed
  • Max Range: 14 miles
  • Drive System: Single Drive
  • Incline: 20% hill grade
  • Weight: 10.1 | 12.8lb
  • Top Speed: 26 MPH top speed
  • Max Range: 18 miles (2.0) | 16 miles (2.0 Twin)
  • Lights: Nose – 120 lumens ; Tail – 90 lumens
  • Drive System: Single Drive | Twin Drive
  • Battery: Swappable in 30 seconds
  • Incline: over 30% hill grade


How to Trade-In your Marbel Original

You can trade-in your Marbel Original for a Marbel 2.0 with the four simple steps outlined below. If you have any questions shoot us an email at and we will get back with you soon. Excited?! We are.


Step 1: To start, fill out a Trade-In Form

A short and quick form to collect your name, email, and order number.

Start Trade-In Form


Step 2: Once verified, you will recieve your $800 code

Once validated, we will send you a confirmation email with your $800 code and a printable PDF that will need to be shipped back with your Marbel Original.


Step 3: Ship your board back to Marbel Headquarters

Package up your Original and ship it to us here. Remember to include the PDF packing slip from step 2.


Step 4: An upgraded 2.0 comes back your way

Once we receive your Marbel Original we begin the 2.0 upgrade process, removing everything (leaving only your carbon fiber aeroframe chassis), and installing all new 2.0 components.