Marbel Boards



Taking it back to the basics

Wheels are important. That’s why we decided to hone our focus to the board and let you decide what is best for you. From sliding wheels to downhill wheels and anywhere in between, our current selection of five wheels allows you can pick whatever suits your fancy. Each of these wheels have been meticulously tested to provide the best performance.



The diameter of the wheel is the basic and most noticeable aspect and you usually see ranges of 60mm-105mm. To generalize, the larger the wheel the smoother the ride will feel as you can glide over cracks and road debris.


Longboard wheels are comprised of polyurethane and will vary in hardness. When talking about performance, the durometer of a wheel deals with how the wheel grips to the surface you are riding on. The lower the durometer the “grippier” the wheel and the smoother the ride.

Core Set

Offset is the most common core setting with the core being slightly set in from the inside. Offset wheels provide a nice ride and can balance nearly all ride styles while offering more grip than centerset wheels.

Contact Patch

The contact patch is essentially the width of the wheel. The larger the contact patch, the more urethane there is in contact with the ground and the more grip the wheel will have. A “thinner” width will have a lower rolling resistance.