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Meet the Marbel 2.0

An electric longboard built intentionally for high-density cities and campuses. A perfect fit into today's transportation mix, the Marbel 2.0 has been re-engineered for extended portability, increased range, and a faster top speed. When you hold it, it’s difficult to tell that it’s electric. When you ride it, it’s impossible to imagine riding anything else. With the electronics, battery, and motor integrated together into a weatherproof enclosed package, the Marbel 2.0 strikes a perfect balance between form and function.


18+mi. in ECO
12mi. in SPORT

Downtown. Uptown. Cross-town. You now have the freedom to ride where you want, when you want. That’s instant power up to 26mph while taking you the distance of 18+ miles. Unbelievably smart. Unparalleled safety.

Top Speed

Instant access to 100% power torque on demand. Our digital throttle on the remote take riders 0-15mph in 4s. With this much instant power you will be leading the pack, every time.

Total Weight

An incredible amount of engineering was required to bring the Marbel Board to life. Witness a design only 24mm (less than 1 inch) at it's thickest point. This insures ultimate portability allowing nothing to get in between you and the road ahead.

90 min.
Charge Time

Our Engineering team has been hard at work making sure every component in Marbel 2.0 electric drivetrain works smarter, stays cooler, and travels further on a single charge.

A closer look...
  • - Weight: 10.1lb
  • - Top Speed: 26 MPH top speed
  • - Range: 18+ miles ECO - 12 miles SPORT
  • - Bluetooth: World's Longest Range BLE
  • - Ride Style: Fully Customizable
  • - Dimensions: 38″x 10″x 5″
  • - Incline: 25% hill grade
  • - Charging: ~90 minutes
  • - Braking: Regenerative/Electronic
  • - Drive System: Large 63mm brushless
  • - Lights: Nose - 120 lumens ; Tail - 90 lumens
  • - Throttle Control: Wireless Remote / App
  • - Battery: Lithium Ion Battery System
  • - Deck: Carbon Fiber Composite

Smart vision with
360° visibility.

See and be seen with the Marbel Board's integrated 120 lumens of crisp white light shining from the front of the board -- thats brighter than many premium bicycle lights -- as well as a 90 lumen red taillight. This makes the Marbel Board the only electric skateboard in the world with controllable and completely customizable head & tail lights.

Free Belts for Life.
Included with every Marbel 2.0

Simply put; we don’t believe you should have to pay for belts. So, for as long as you own your Marbel 2.0 you will never have to. Each board comes pre-shipped with one spare replacement belt per motor. When your current belt wears out, easily switch it out with your existing replacement. We will then send you a new one in the mail.


Longer lasting battery.
To make it there...and back.

Design isn’t just about appearance, it’s about the entire user experience. Built to last, this board was designed to stand up to fun and daily commutes of all kinds, with the ability to leave the gridlock of city traffic behind.

Genuine Samsung 18650 Cells.
Never compromise.

Here at Marbel, battery quality is extremely important to us. We only use premium Samsung 18650 Lithium Ion battery cells in our board and never settle for the cheaper off-brand alternative. Just peace of mind and the sheer excitement of riding.

Swappable Batteries

Slim enough to fit in your bag, yet powerful enough to take you up to 18 miles. We've compacted 220Wh into a smart, stylish, and portable battery pack weighing just 2.9lb.

Marbel Wheel Options

Wheels are important. That’s why we decided to hone our focus to the board and let you decide what is best for you. From sliding wheels to downhill wheels and anywhere in between, our current selection of five wheels means you can pick whatever suits your fancy.

Explore Wheel Options

Have a Marbel Original?

Trade it in and get $800



Ultra durable.
Incredibly light.

Carbon fiber composite molded into an ultralight unibody deck using a process that combines hand craftsmanship and precision machining. Unibody construction means a higher-quality, less complex design with fewer parts. That translates to a board that’s thin and light, yet durable enough to handle the rigors of serious everyday use. The deck provides a smooth ride while protecting all of the critical electronics and battery cells encased inside the deck from any sort of impact or bad weather.


With an average of 135,000 data points managed per ride,
there is an incredible amount of data allowing your board
to self-optimize over time for maximum range and efficiency.

Range Map

No more guessing. Know exactly how far you can go on a
single charge with a simple glance at your phone. Just
another way we keep you riding.

Ride Customization

Remembering your most recent personalized settings
and allows you to set the exact acceleration level,
braking level, and top speed for a truly personalized
riding experience.

"Over-the-Air" Updates

Update your board with new firmware features at the
push of a button. With the MyMarbel app you can always
stay on top of the most recent software updates. No cords.
No complicated steps. Just new features.

Coming soon to the app stores. Currently in beta.


The Marbel Board 2.0

An electric longboard built intentionally for high-density cities and campuses. A perfect fit into today's transportation mix, the Marbel 2.0 has been re-engineered for extended portability, increased range, and a faster top speed.

  • - up to 18 Miles on a single charge
  • - 26 MPH top speed
  • - Ultra Portable at only 10.1 lbs
  • - Large 63mm Motor
  • - World's Longest Range Bluetooth Chip
  • - Marbel One Year Warranty
  • - 5 Wheel Options

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Have a Marbel Original?

Trade it in and get $800


Stay riding with our
One Year Warranty.

Ride in confidence! The Marbel Board has one of the strongest warranties of any electric skateboard. Your Marbel Board is covered by our One Year manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in workmanship, material, and the battery system.