The Marbel Board 2.0: Whats New

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15 December 2016

The Marbel Board 2.0: Whats New

Marbel has been built upon a dream of creating not only the lightest electric skateboard, but the fastest, the longest ranged, the most reliable. Simply put, we wanted to build the best board possible.We didn't think a board should weight as much as a bike, or leave you stranded with a useless 5 mile battery. We knew it could be done better, so, thats exactly what we did.

Today we are excited to announce the Marbel Board 2.0, an electric skateboard built intentionally for high-density cities and campuses. A perfect fit with today's transportation mix, the Marbel Board 2.0 has been re-engineered for extended portability, increased range, and a faster top speed.

Take a look at the new Marbel Board 2.0:

Headlights and Taillights: Riding at night is as much about seeing as being seen. The Marbel Board 2.0 has integrated head and tail lights. With 120 lumens shining out of the nose and 90 lumens out of the tail, you can safely see and be seen on the only electric skateboard in the world with ultra efficient and completely customizable lights.

6 Wheel options: We all have different preferences when it comes to wheel. Square Edge, Beveled Edge, Round edge, contact patch, durometer, diameter - the list can go on. After testing countless wheel options we have narrowed it down to a selected group of six. These include:

  • Sweet Spot Beluga 80a - 76MM
  • Seismic Speed Vent 77a - 77MM
  • Siesmic Speed Vent 77a - 77MM
  • Zombie Hawgs 80a - 76MM
  • Zombie Hawgs 78a - 76MM
  • 101s - Marbel 75a - 101mm

We will be consistantly adding new wheels each and every year, and we are going to rely on you to help us make these picks.

World's most powerful bluetooth chip: More Details to come.

Extended Range: More Details to come.

Updated Electronics: More Details to come.

63mm Motor: An incredibly durable 63mm motor provides unparallelled climbing ability, up to a 25% grade hill even on a single drive system. A protected design keeps debris out of the motor. If something were to happen however, they is no soldering involved. An IP67 water proof power connecter ensures the motor is easily replaceable. With only four bolts and plug, motors can be changed in mere minutes. This means faster warranty repairs plus cheaper and faster post warranty solutions.

Free Belts For Life: Simply put; we don’t believe you should have to pay for belts. So, for as long as you own your Marbel 2.0 you will never have to. Each board comes pre-shipped with one spare replacement belt per motor. When your current belt wears out, easily switch it out with your existing replacement. We will then send you a new one in the mail.

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